The breathing techniques – A truly pleasurable technique

The breathing techniques are the first part of the beginner’s practice and, for many, one of the most pleasurable. The breathing exercises produce tangible sensations, that you will enjoy by keeping the body relaxed and the back straight, in order to comfortably use all the muscles involved. You will directly experience the freshness of the air passing through the nostrils into your lungs, the warmth in your torso as the muscles of your abdomen, thorax and chest collaborate to pull the air in and out; the progression of the several phases of breathing, each phase culminating into the next – inhalation, retention with air, exhalation, retention without air ‘. The breathing exercises are compelling, and while you are absorbed enjoying them you balance your emotions and increase your vital energy. Absorbing bio-energy The breathing exercises are also a way to expand bio-energy, energy that manifests itself biologically. It is visible and you can observe it on sunny days by fixing your gaze on the empty blue sky. Soon you will see myriads of minute dots, incredibly dynamic and bright, which scintillate in erratic circular and sinuous movements. While executing the breathing exercises you can visualize that you are absorbing this prodigious energy.

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