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Competitive sport and the creative process

The giant wave of disruption in a literal version: surf lessons The journalistic notes, the academic researches and the reports of consultants on innovation have a favourite metaphor territory: that of natural cataclysms. Exponential technologies are “meteorites” and traditional business models are “tectonic plates” which move […]

Alegria Sincera

Sempre fui a “party girl”. Primeiro diria “vamos!” e so depois “aonde?”… Se tiver que me descrever a palavra “Alegria” aparece nas primeiras linhas. Identifico me com a alegria, mas sempre questionei se isso era experienciar a felicidade. Hoje, li um artigo sobre as regras da […]

The present moment

Carpe Diem…. Mindfulness… Live the moment…. … Such fashionable mottos. They mean the world, and they mean nothing unless you be bold for the words as it is. Living in the past make us nostalgic, low, overthinking everything it could have been done. Living in […]