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A transformação do indivíduo: técnicas respiratórias do DeROSE Method

‘Reaprender a respirar é ter de volta uma autonomia que só se tinha quando criança, uma potência juvenil em corpo de gente grande.‘ ‘Damien Hirst disse que é preciso um ego grande para ser artista. Nos dias de hoje, parece que todos preenchemos o pré-requisito necessário […]

What are you going to learn on DeROSE Method beginners classes

There are four main techniques that you can learn and implement immediately to boost performance, improve productive and eliminate stress from your life.  Technique #1: Breathing This is a new breathing technique that will impact your life in a very direct way. You can use […]

Competitive sport and the creative process

The giant wave of disruption in a literal version: surf lessons The journalistic notes, the academic researches and the reports of consultants on innovation have a favourite metaphor territory: that of natural cataclysms. Exponential technologies are “meteorites” and traditional business models are “tectonic plates” which move […]