Hello, I am Sonia ϟ ​

I feel like I have lived multiple lives within this lifetime. My major decisions have always been guided by intuition and the beat of my heart.

I possess fears, yet I also harbour courage. My childhood was spent amidst nature’s embrace, surrounded by hills, forests, and the sea. It helped create cherished memories of experiencing the boundless joy that comes from being in harmony with the world around me. Knowledge, practical intelligence, and innovation have perpetually captivated my mind.

I hold a master’s degree in mathematics and an appendicitis in astrophysics. For four years, I was part of an academic theatre group, and I became an amateur astronomer affiliated with Faculdade Ciências do Porto.

In 2001, when I became a mother to Pedro, my zest for life grew even stronger.

In 2003, I embarked on my first practice of the DeROSE Method, and its physical and mental challenges completely enthralled me. The integration of practical behavioural concepts with theoretical philosophy fascinated me. I began teaching in 2004, continuously learning and inspiring others.

In 2006, I fulfilled my lifelong dream by moving to London, my home city. The city of music, rock, and open-minded culture provided me with countless opportunities for growth. Over the span of 15 years, I experienced rebirth and transformation, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Life has brought me to a paradise where I have been blessed with people who make me feel at home. I genuinely believe that I am the most fortunate person in this life.

I still sense that there are many more lives within this lifetime awaiting me, and my plans become fewer and fewer. With unwavering faith and trust in life, I embrace the unknown with fearlessness.

The pursuit of knowledge, the magnificence of humanity, the vastness of the universe, and the profound alchemy we possess in this world have always fascinated me. I truly believe that within each of us lies the power of the universe.

I refuse to define myself solely by my professions, hobbies, or skills. My greatest strength lies in fostering a deep connection with myself and finding creative, simple solutions to life’s challenges.

This is who I am, at least a part of me.

A professional nerd, embracing the fullest potential of being human, and a provocateur of a hearty life.

academic education

1993 – 1998 High degree in maths

2021 – … Apprentice in astrophysics


professional courses

2004 SwáSthya Yôga professional teaching course

2005 – 2012 Choreography demonstrator, regional level, Oporto and London

2020 DeROSE Art Company, A Magia do Movimento, choreography demonstrator, regional level, Oporto

2022 Dance of Emotions (concept Rudolf von Laban)


professional experience

1998 – 2005 System analyst and senior consultant at the Portuguese government

2005 – … Human development mentor, high performance teacher, mind and body trainer, and meditation specialist

2006 Co-founder DeROSE Method London

2011 – 2014 Director of DeROSE Method South Kensington, London School

2014 – … Founder, teacher and creative at Sonia Ferreira, Human Empowerment

2017 – 2020 DeROSE Art Company, choreography demonstrator

2018 – … Entrepreneur, lifestyle hacking creative experiences and events.



Universe and its divine flow in us. Nature and all its living forms. Human Being and its potential.

The art of eternizing moments #serinfinity