H U M A N ✩ E M P O W E R I N G △ Sculpting the Body in all dimensions: Physical, Mental and Emocional
H U M A N ✩ E M P O W E R I N G △ Sculpting the Body in all dimensions: Physical, Mental and Emocional

My name is Sonia

Every time I try to say “I am this, I am that” doubts arise. I am a constant metamorphose… and aren’t we all?

In an intimate relationship with myself, I am a rebel hearty-life provocateur, with good habits.

In essence I love to inspire humans for a meaningful and purposeful life. I made it my mission: empower others to have more self esteem, cultivating good habits, healthy routines and a strong body in all all dimensions (emotional, mental and physical).

Sonia is a mathematician, a dancer, a meticulous teacher of patience and an inspiring poet of power. The kind who can teach an elephant to dance gracefully (myself!) and the fire to build instead of burning, (as I have learnt since I’ve met her!).

She never fails to be there, she will trust you when you don’t trust yourself and find a way to give you confidence and light when nothing or nobody else will know how to. And that, only by seeing her once a week, in a regular online class. If you’re fortunate to have Sonia by your side, her expertise and uncompromising professionalism will reflect and eventually attract the best in yourself that may have never surfaced before. If you haven’t done a class yet, there’s never been a better time to start.


Florica Grigoras


Sonia is a very inspiring and enthusiastic coach. Sonia's positivity and way of looking at the world with an open mind is contagious.
I know Sonia for 4 years now and I have done both on-line physical training and the Life Consulting program with her.

I must say that Sonia has helped me going through the most difficult period of my life. Using her unique skills Sonia managed to bring out the best of me during my worse period.

What I love about Sonia is that she is really passionate about life, new experiences and is truly happy for bringing the best in her students and develop their full potential

Susana Tomasio

Senior Application Scientist

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