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Sonia Almeida Ferreira

It is about time for you to (re) connect to yourself!

B R E A T H ‧ M O V E ‧ R E LA X ‧ M E D I T A T E

3 private sessions with me.

During this journey, I will guide you through techniques that will help you to manage your emotions, and relax your body while reprogramming your mind. Realize renewed energy and your body grounding, clear mind and tranquil emotions.

During this breathwork week, I will guide you through simple techniques that will help you to manage your emotions, and feel relaxed and centred.

During sessions we explore fundamental skills such as mindful breathing, focus, body awareness, relaxation, physical fitness and vitality – as well as interpersonal skills – stress management, emotional stability, mental clarity and programming life goals.

Sessions focus only on you that will accelerate your evolution in all aspects: physical, emotional, mental and intuitional.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Mindset Sessions.

Guided meditations to renew your energy, feel your body grounding, stable and overflowing with strength and power.

Reprogramming for infinite consciousness, tranquillity and focus, strength and harmony, and stability and grounding.

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