Relearn how to breathe

Breathing is the foundation.

To breathe; the very first, and the last thing we do in our lifetime. Our breath; the main source of nourishment for our entire body.

We are already breathing. However, there is a technique for optimising and improving the way you breathe. You will feel an enormous difference to your vitality, energy, emotions balance, focus and stress relief.

Below, a simple breathing technique:

Sit or lie down, with your both hands over your abdomen. Inhale, through your nostril, expanding your abdomen out – feel it with your hand – and exhale through your nostril, contracting your abdomen inwards. Simply memorise this rule, when the air enters, your tummy goes out, when the air leaves, your tummy moves in.

That will make you feel great already. And this is just the beginning…. Now, imagine what this wonderful science of breathing could offer you.

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