[Power] Habits

A routine, powered by good habits, is the science of great-life action.

I feel an empowered life is more about simple good daily habits rather than long-term actions. It’s the small little things we do constantly and persistently that build up an aligned life.

Back to bases.

As human beings, we tend to overthink and plan big life events. We’ve been taught to create long-term plans as a life equation and get us stuck in the biggest “X” questions such as: ‘what will I do in my life in 5 years’ time? ‘ ‘what should I work on within the next 3 years?’

However, there are thousands of simple day-to-day decisions that truly shape who we are. From the time we wake up, to what we eat, how we spend free time, and how we relate with others … each “Y” choice determines how we feel by the end of the day, shaping organically our life forever. We are made of those habits.

It’s time to return to base. It’s about time to trust in simple things.

Planning is great. Thinking big is great. But it’s also great to act on simple “back-to-bases” daily things. Our routine is our life force.

What are your daily [power] habits? What do you choose to do by yourself every day?

Why not start differently today: [forget your “to-do” list]. Do your “to-be” list routine.

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