[Power] habits

[Power] habits

The science of action

Life is much more of simple daily choices rather than big decisions.

On human beings life equation, we may get stuck in the biggest “X” questions such as: what will I do in my life? should I change my job?…

However, there are thousands of day to day decisions that shape who we are. From the time we wake up, to what we eat, how we spend free time, how we relate with others … each “Y” choice determines how we feel by the end of the day, shaping organically our life forever. We are made of habits.

Believe in simple things. Trust in your routine.

Boost your life boosting your day: nurture self-care starting each day focusing on the most important thing in your life: YOU.

Starting differently today: [forget your “to-do” list]. Do your “to-be” list routine.

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