The present moment

Carpe Diem….


Live the moment….

Such fashionable mottos. They mean the world, and they mean nothing unless you be bold for the words as it is.

Living in the past make us nostalgic, low, overthinking everything it could have been done. Living in the future, studying all possible options which can be done, loads our brain with possibilities, and make us feel anxiety. Past we can’t change, the future is unknown, uncontrolled and uncertain.

Us, as human beings we need to feel secure, we need to root our self to our past stories and fill out our ego with everything we will do in the future. That give us safety to our ego that we exist. So, how can we train our mind and attitudes towards a non over reflective past/ future styling?

Be bold living the present. Deal with our past as our life school, experiences and learning. See the future as the whole universe of possibilities waiting for us.

And, above all, feel gratitude for ‘now’, what we are ‘now’, what we have ‘now’, what we are experimenting ‘now’.

Any behavioral pattern can be molded to our terms. To have consciousness of it, and responsible for our actions, thoughts and inner attitude, make us masters of our destiny. No need to control the future. Mastering is so much ahead than control, and its good for our happiness.

‘Now’ is all you have!



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