Subtlety and Evolution

Subtlety lays in the way ones sees the world without shouting it loud. 

Subtlety in the way ones experience life without comment it. Just because you don’t comment on the world, doesn’t mean you don’t notice it. It doesn’t mean you take a closer look at the world around you and value the small details in it all.

Subtlety in the way ones touches others. Subtlety is being delicate, thoughtful, and caring.

Subtlety in the way ones touches thinks.  It is being a cat while moving. Its the capacity to walk on your tip toes without being noticeable.

To be subtle is to absorb and assimilate everything around as fluid water, a flying bee, a wind blow, and never as a stone wall.

Before you all start a life-changing mission to make your world a better place though remember you can’t always show up for others. You can just “be yourself”. “Being” is the most subtle and strongest way to change you and others. The true evolution always happens inside, subtly – not noticeable. The subtle is the strongest, always! Never dought!

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