Body poems and awareness movement

when someone asks me about awareness movement, I would say:

“Either in practice or in life
A human being is an eternal going. We are the intelligence of the universe materialized in our bodies.

We are not our job. We are the intelligence based on the experience and studies we do to serve the world.
We are not our marital status. We are the intelligence based on the emotional growth, and experiences we attract to grow.
We are not our personalities. We are constantly metamorphosing based on the mindset we have of what we believe we can be.
We don’t aim for that beautiful physical position. We aim to transform ourselves to become what we didn’t know we could be. That’s materialized potential.

Fall in love with bridges…
As Nietzsche said “what is great in man is that he is a bridge, and not a goal”

And that’s when the awareness movement, either in practice or in life, arouses our lives into poems.

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