About positive thinking.

Experiences done with electrons and other particles, shown that both at the subatomic level and macroscopic level, everything can happen. There are no such think as certainties. There are only probabilities, which can be increased or decreased through thoughts.

My first home in UK was in W11. Against all odds I manage to live in the neighbourhood I choose in a house exactly as I visualize. I just painted that image on my mind and trusted. All external conditions were so unfavourable, but the universe manage to bring me the right x, y, z including the right people.

It’s so easy to forget. Sometimes I need to flashback my life and pin this moments of mind mastering, to keep forwarding. This post is a reminder, a memory pin. #trusttheprocess

Thanks to @james.malin.3, my first landlord in UK, who end up to become a good friend and an inspiration for the story of my life.

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