Spicy it up

In the world we live in today, immersed in the industrialized spices filled with poison, it is such a privilege to use the power of nature. I am passionate about spices and herbs. They are all made part of my cooking. It’s the redemption to our roots, to what its natural and integral. Rosemary stimulates memory, improves blood circulation, strengthens immunity, rich in antioxidants and with anti-inflammatory action. Ginger excellent thermogenic, acting directly on the optimization of metabolism, thus increasing caloric expenditure. It stimulates immunity, as well as offering vitamins and minerals.  Basil promotes the action of Insulin andgood for memory. It’s a magnesium source, improves blood flow and prevents the formation of atherosclerosis by LDL glycation.  Mint prevents and protects against verminous and helps in the proper functioning of digestive processes.  Coriander is one of the only agents of nature with a chelating capacity for heavy metals, that is, capable of detoxifying our body of heavy metals such as Lead and Mercury. Its antimicrobial, antioxidant and antidiabetic action. Thyme has analgesic power and helps in the improvement of the intestinal function. Powerful antiseptic, acting against microbes that cause infections in general and mainly skin.

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