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Sónia is an experienced and wonderful teacher. It's always great learning from her. And she's lovely person that you'll love to meet. Highly recommend!
Nuno Mira

Sonia will change your whole outlook on life with her yoga, life philosophy and general spirit. A truly inspirational human being who is a joy to be around.

Polly Henriques

Sónia ia a fantastic instructor and personall developer. She has the unique mix of insight, sweetness and hardiness that has you overcoming while having fun and learning what you did not know that you didn't know. 5 star recommended. She is unique.

Antonio Borges

This amazing soul developed a really beautiful work and can inspire you to be the best version of yourself

Marisa Ribeiro

Iniciei meu treinamento com Sonia alguns anos atrás e só tenho que agradecer. Muito aprendizado durante esses anos, ela é maravilhosa!! Uma pessoa super amorosa, cheia de energia e muito criativa. Que te motiva a ser uma pessoa melhor todos os dias.

Gilka Rocha

Um ser humano maravilhoso, de sorriso rasgado e contagiante, que tem o dom de partilhar ensinamentos valiosos. Trabalha com cada indivíduo o poder do corpo e da mente. Mais do que uma professora a Sónia é verdadeiramente transformadora. ♥️

Marina Santos

- Peaceful and uplifting, full of joy and inspiring! That’s how I see Sonia, this beautiful soul !

Flora Cavedon

Sonia is a mathematician, a dancer, a meticulous teacher of patience and an inspiring poet of power. The kind who can teach an elephant to dance gracefully (myself!) and the fire to build instead of burning, (as I have learnt since I’ve met her!). She never fails to be there, she will trust you when you don’t trust yourself and find a way to give you confidence and light when nothing or nobody else will know how to. And that, only by seeing her once a week, in a regular online class. If you’re fortunate to have Sonia by your side, her expertise and uncompromising professionalism will reflect and eventually attract the best in yourself that may have never surfaced before. If you haven’t done a class yet, there’s never been a better time to start.​

Florica Grigoras

Treino estruturado e desafiante. Absolutamente maravilhoso. Recomendo.

Julie Faustino

Profissional incrível, competente, sempre pronta a ajudar a irmos aquele bocadinho mais longe. As aulas são maravilhosas, saio sempre a achar que são curtas demais. Paz e boa disposição, a Sónia é das pessoas que sorri com o coração!

Diana Nina

Primeiramente a professora Sónia é um ser lindo com uma vibe super boa e contagiante! É super atenciosa e incentiva a alcançarmos o nosso maior potencial, e respeita a vontade e os limites dos alunos.
O método DeRose é muito completo, desafiador e gratificante, recomendo a 100%!

Rafaella Willik

Sonia is an amazing instructor with a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field of work. She's full of energy and always smiling, having a class with her is like having a class with a friend who is looking out for your best interests and pushes you to do better. She believes and is confident in your ability to succeed, which is important for you to progress. I really enjoyed the incorporated breathing exercises. All of us can benefit from correct breathing techniques and methods to enhance it for a better management of stress and our day to day performance in general. Overall, it's a strenuous but fun workout which upon consistency gets you great results, both physical and mental.

John Doe
Kristiina Reial

Sonia is a patient and lovely instructor. Her classes are fun, inspiring and she makes you challenge your body and mind!

Petra Smith

DeRose Method respect flow, performance and happiness, Muito Obrigado Sonia to have share a major intro with me while I was in London! I wish to visit you and/or you to come over in Canada to coach yoga instructors;) Much love every day

Marie Le Bihan

I have been practicing with Sonia for over three years. She is a very dedicated and highly professional DeRose teacher, with a lot of attention to detail. After every class I feel like I have achieved something. Perfection is the standard. I highly recommend Sonia if you want a strong teacher who will give you her utmost.

Janis Briedis

Como persona y como amiga de vida, Sónia es lo que podemos llamar una estrellita de luz en el camino! Al estar cerca de ella, sólo se gana, porque su personalidad traquila y fuerte hace que todo parezca mejor. La recomiendo por su profesionalismo y carisma, y por su corazón gigante!

Adianet Correa Rodriguez

I have her as my monitor and what can I say about her. She is brilliant, powerful, talented, professional... but the best thing is that she loves what she does and you can feel it in the practice. Big Bravo to you Sonia!

Yone Estivariz

I practiced with Sonia while living in London/Cambridge for a time. She has a lovely calm and welcoming energy. I always felt so happy after training with her. Would highly recommend if you’re in need of stress relief while wanting to get physically and mentally stronger to achieve your goals 😊❤️

Lucie Julia Greenwood
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