Body & Mind Private Session



During your 60 minutes experience, you will enjoy a moment of inner quietude, know yourself better, discover your deepest insight and intuition, enhance mental clarity and develop incredible focus. Each class focuses on breathing, stretching, strength, stress reduction, and meditation techniques drawn by DeRose Method to develop a healthy lifestyle and increase consciousness. By the end of each session, you will fill invigorate and re-energize, body and mind.


 Strength + Flexibility Physical positions promote strength, flexibility and balance.
• Body Awareness Heightened proprioception, the ability to sense yourself in space
• Respiratory Exercises To encourage diaphragmatic breathing, increase lung capacity and improve circulation.
• Concentration + Meditation Techniques to enhance mental dynamism.
• Self-Knowledge Go beyond your limitations and discover your real potential.
• Stress Management Transform stress into vitality and use it to achieve your goals.

* Sessions in English and Portuguese.


Private Session with Me | INVIGORATE AND RE-ENERGIZE

These sessions are focus only on you and will accelerate your evolution in all aspects: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Intuitional.

Individual Coaching | 60 minutes (Online or presencial)

* Bookings made by email after purchase. Sessions in English or Portuguese.

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