Mindfulness and Meditation

"I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me." Albert Einstein

It is about time for you to develop your full potential!

The  benefits your can expect with regular meditation practise


A neuroscientist from Harvard University has done an extensive research on the effects of meditation. She used brain scanners and what she found really surprised her positively! Meditation actually modifies your brain!

The practitioner of meditation increases the size of the brain’s gray matter in some regions such as the sensory cortex, which increases your ability to become more present in life and to be more self-aware. It also increases the frontal cortex that is responsible for memory, focus and the ability for a better decision making. They also realized that the practitioner gains a greater ability to reduce stress and anxiety.



Stress is best managed through a powerful meditation training. In 1908, psychologists Yerkes and Dodson developed a powerful theory between brain performance and stress. 
The absence of stress generates apathy and boredom which reduces the professional performance of the person for lack of stimuli, at the same a lot of stress generate over time a series of health problems that also decrease the professional performance of the individual due to excess. The problems generated by chronic stress are in increasing order: irritation, anxiety, fatigue, burnout.




Many people think that meditation is to reduce awareness, to listen to a recording … that is just to relax and that it will make the person slow and without productivity. But actually, meditation is the opposite, it is to raise awareness, it is to expand it, it is to enhance lucidity. Meditation stimulates the brain with exercises, promoting insights, intuitions and creativity. Meditation is turning off the emotions and the scattered thoughts. It is to powerfully increase focus and productivity, clearing the mind from the difficulties, making you live the present moment with more intensity. Some people say they wake up after meditation training… how do they wake up? Were these people asleep? It’s the other way around. When you go into meditation state it is as if you have been asleep all your life and in that moment of meditation you wake up!




Pure meditation, without other techniques that support it, is less efficient, and it is more difficult to meditate. It is necessary to practice before meditation: breathing exercises, concentration techniques, body techniques, relaxation, among others.

Many types of meditation fail because they do not prepare the practitioner for meditation practice. They do not prepare the body, nor the emotional, nor the mind previously. For example, what’s the use of trying to turn off your thoughts if your anxiety has not even been turned off? And to slow down anxiety there are powerful breathing techniques.

This makes the practice extremely difficult, and it is the main reason many people give up meditating. Many methods do not use these devices because they use meditation outside the original, millenarian, and more complete context.




Practicing meditation out of context and without a complete method is less efficient and much more difficult. However, it is not only this error that happens. The practitioner who does not use an original method and with the support techniques will need much more meditation time to obtain the same effects that a more complete method reaches in much less time. In addition, less complete methods make the practice boring.

An authentic method is extremely enjoyable to practice, generating an extremely positive feeling and stimulating progress.




If you do not practice meditation in a disciplined way, it will not work. If you do not have an experienced teacher to guide you meditation may not work as well.
I am Sonia,

A  mathematician, explorer of great philosophical ideas and their practical links to everyday challenges, teacher, writer, hearty-life provocateur, guide towards growth and grounding.

Since 2004 I practice and teach the art of sculpting a strong and intelligent body, able to connect to an equally stable as well as adaptable mind and emotional framework.

In essence, I love to inspire others to discover their potential. I made it my mission.

That’s me. Well, at least a part of me.

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