Life Consulting

Find your purpose

Life Consulting aims to cultivate long-term transformations, with discipline and good habits. The Life consulting sessions will define your personal process to improve well-being, enlarge opportunities respecting each ones’s freedom: who to be, what to do, and how to live.

About the Life Consulting Program: I believe that everyone should do it at some point in their lives! It forces you to thing about what is really important for you and what really brings you happiness. And it turns out, that sometimes, what we think we want, it really doesn't bring us any happiness. The Life Consulting Program is all about understanding what values are important for us, what brings us happiness and about self-empowerment - learning to love ourselves and take care of ourselves. I strongly recommend doing a Life Consulting Program with Sonia - it will open your eyes and mind in ways you had no idea it would be possible. In my case, I made two big decisions to change the direction of my life. With this Life Consulting Program, I feel I am in control of my own destiny. Thank you Sonia!

Susana Tomasio

Senior Application Scientist