life consulting and human Development

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Life Consulting aims to cultivate long-term transformations, with discipline and good habits. Human Development is defined as the process of improving well-being, enlarge opportunities and each ones’s freedom: who to be, what to do, and how to live.

Personal Consulting

These sessions are focus only on you. They are prepare to accelerate your evolution in all aspects: physical, mental and intuitional.

From strength and flexibility training to functional training and regeneration, challenge yourself in a full 360 degrees - the way you were designed to move - to live more powerfully. Well-rounded and focused DeROSE Method will inspire a more intelligent and self-aware practice.

Sculpt yourself in all dimensions (body + emotions + mind).
DeROSE Method is a complete program to increase vitality, manage stress and gain focus. Its application promotes an increase in productivity and high performance in life.

In Person or Online

Online sessions are ideal for those who which to keep a discipline and routine. The bespoke consultation favours the method's techniques customised to meet the practitioner’s goals.

Sonia is an incredible teacher. She has endless energy and patience and always has good energy ready to share.Her classes are full of joy and laughter, and with her you really believe you are able to take your practice higher. Could not recommend her highly enough.

Gabriela Hersham

Entrepreneur & Actress

I have been practicing with Sonia for over three years. She is a very dedicated and highly professional DeRose teacher, with a lot of attention to detail. After every class I feel like I have achieved something. Perfection is the standard. I highly recommend Sonia if you want a strong teacher who will give you her utmost.

Janis Briedis

Psychologist & Therapist

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