In an intimate relationship with myself on a mission to empower humans.

My name is Sonia

I was originally made in cosy Porto, but I’ve growth as a creative multipotentialite women of the world.

I am a rebel hearty-life provocateur, with good habits.

I am a mathematician, philosopher aspirant, life consultant, high performance trainer, writer, facilitator for a hearty-life. In essence I love to inspire others for a meaningful and purposeful life. I made it my mission.

A greater sense in life led me to change my lifestyle, exploration and teaching the DeROSE Method Lifestyle, since 2004. 

I guide individuals to mental clarity and emotional stability, sculpting a strong body.

[Nature Travel Food Photo aficionado]

That’s me. Well, at least a part of me.

The art of eternizing moments … Being (Ser) infinity!​
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